Hello Friends and Merry Christmas Season!

It’s been busy around here. Grandma Sonia has come and gone, and we had a fantastic time with her. The icing on top was that her migraines miraculously disappeared while she was in Pucallpa! We also made a our trip to Lima to get Micah’s visa, and that went smoothly as well. Thanks for your prayers!
 We wanted to update you on a couple of HUGE things that will determine much so far as our team’s involvement in Tsoroja is concerned.
The first is the ongoing issue of obtaining permission to land on Tsoroja’s airstrip. SAMair is working on this issue and has submitted paperwork to re-open the airstrip. They are supposed to find out whether or not things are approved tomorrow. From what we have been told, if the request is granted, all goes back as before, and we can return to Tsoroja whenever we want. If it is denied, it is unlikely that they will even be granted the temporary permits.
Another big bump in our road is a possible visa crisis. A new law goes into effect January 13th that will require any evangelical entity requesting visas to have 10000 members within the country.  This will impact all of the foreign missionaries in Peru, and the law is being challenged by the National Evangelical Council.  We get our visas via the National Evangelical Council and like most other evangelical organizations, they don’t meet all of the new requirements. This council has people lobbying the Peruvian congress with counter legislation. On the most positive side, the council is successful and all remains the same. On the most negative, our visas are void on the 13th, and we have to leave the country. We could return as tourists with visas that can be renewed every 6 months, but besides being a hassle to travel out of the country that often, it can have some other problems (for example, tourists cannot have drivers licenses). There are other possible scenarios such our visas remain current for another year but we will have to find a way outside of the National Evangelical Council to renew them. Honestly, we have no idea how this is going to play out.
Dan and I feel pretty emotionally exhausted from all of the ups and downs over the past 2 months that we’ve been back. We wonder is God closing the door on Tsoroja – getting kicked out the the country and being denied the right to land in the village look like huge, blinking-red-light closed doors to us! But at the same time, we want to be faithful to see this ministry to God’s end whether that means next month or 10 years from now. It’s hard to live in limbo not knowing if we should be packing up for our spring trip into the village or otherwise.
At this point,  Dan and I are not even totally sure what to pray anymore. We met with the Welshes (our teammates) the other day to discuss the issues, and while much was left unresolved (because who knows what will happen), we all realized a couple things are certain.
1) God is far more concerned with His church and the souls of the Caquinte than we could ever be.
2) We have no idea what God actually wants to accomplish through us. He generally only sheds enough light on the path so that we can see the next step. As we’ve walked in obedience, most certainly, we’ve seen Him do H.U.G.E. things in us, and we’ve seen Him do things through us in Tsoroja as well. In some ways, these seem small and not hardly enough for God to have bothered bringing us all the way here for. But again, we are not called to know what He is doing, only to press on toward where we can see He is leading.
For now, we are praying that God would do whatever it is that is best for us and for the Caquinte. We have no idea what that is going to mean for our family, but we are trusting that when the time comes, the next step will come clearly into focus. I can’t say that we don’t care about the answer, but we do care a whole lot more about conforming to God’s will and not forcing ourselves through a closed door. Please pray with us for clarity and for God’s purpose for us and our team to be clearly laid out before us.
With Much Love,
Dalaina for the Mays
Official Release!
This week, my book, Yielded Captive, was released. I’ve been getting e-mails from strangers who have read it (generally because they got early copies from the publisher) to tell me that they enjoyed it. It’s still so strange to me that people have and want to read what I wrote. Don’t know if I will ever get used to that! Anyway, I have no idea what to expect so far as the whole author thing goes, but it is a pretty fun ride at the moment! You can find it here: cartpioneers.org/yielded-captive/
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