Hi All,

At this point, we’re getting pretty good at rolling with the punches. Here’s the latest drama in getting us out to Tsoroja…
Our teammates were to leave today, and we were to leave Tuesday. Last week, SAMair let us know that they thought the airstrip needed to be cut down again before we landed. No problem. We called out to the village and let them know that we were going to try to come in this week, but they needed to get the airstrip taken care of so that we could land safely. A few days later, we got a message saying that the mower broke. So they have to chop it down by hand. Which takes a while as you can imagine. So we are on hold until we can get confirmation that the airstrip is land-able.
At this point, our teammates are scheduled for Tuesday and we will follow on Thursday if everything happens the way we hope. We will make sure to keep you up-to-date if that changes.
With Love,
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