Hi All,

Just wanted to keep you in the loop about our (lack of) progress. Dan and Scott have been in touch with the village daily for updates regarding the airstrip. The long and the short of it is that we aren’t going any time soon. Most of the men are on contractual work for the oil company, leaving only a small group of men hacking away on the airstrip. It is slow-going.
Our team met a couple of days ago to toss around ideas and come up with a game plan. There was talk about sending Dan and Scott in to help out with the strip, but then we were a little concerned with the precedent of taking over their responsibility for their airstrip. Ultimately, we decided that by the time Dan and Scott would have gotten there and gotten the mower (hopefully) working and cut the strip, it should be finished anyway. So we are all here waiting for the green light, living in boxes, and pretty frustrated as we watch another window closing (both of our families have commitments in early April so extending our trip isn’t an option). 

We know God is in control and likely has a purpose in all of this, but to be honest, we are so OVER it. And bored. I pulled the homeschool books back out of the boxes and Dan is plugging away at home repairs and helping other missionaries around Pucallpa with various projects. But that’s not what we are here for, so we feel like we are just spinning our wheels. Ugh.
Anyhow, that’s what I’ve got for now. Hopefully, I’ll have good news soon!
With Love,
Dalaina for the Mays
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