Since I feel like my updates have been incredibly boring since we’ve been back in Peru (we’re ill, we’re stuck in town, we’re ill, we’re stuck in town), here is a quick family update, some photos, and a few funny May kid stories to make it up to you. Enjoy!
As for family news…
We have had a roommate for the past 6 weeks. Another Daniel in the house. He is a young single on the other PI team in Pucallpa that needed a place to stay. We are enjoying having him in our extra bedroom. I think he has enjoyed it too though he did tell us that our family is very different from his calm, formal one. Hehehe
For the moment, we are mostly healthy. Micah and I are getting over a nasty flu-like bug. He is 6 months old today and about 20 pounds of adorable.
Moses and the twins are getting a break for homeschool so I could makes lesson plans and pack up books to go to Tsoroja. Moses just finished 1st grade math, spelling, and grammar and recently wrote and illustrated his first original story. The twins are poised to read. They know their phonics but not how to put them together. As of the new year, they started using a “responsibility chart” to help out around the house.
Dan is back in grad school and has straight A’s for his first year. He’s enjoying it and feels that it is relevant to ministry even more than he had expected. I am… uh, I have no idea what I do all day. Run around like a chicken with my head cut off mostly. Homeschool, jungle prep, feeding the man-cubs, promotional work for my book, being mommy/wife, and a few fun creative projects take up most of my hours.
Photo #1 – Fat babies are the best kind!
Photo #2 – The boys were sad about having to take down the tree, so we compromised,  re-decorated it as a New Year’s tree, and kept it up for another week.
Photo #3 – Look at your own risk. Dan and Daniel cooked up some grubs and the twins loved them (this is Ben and yes he dressed himself). (Moses and I have more brains than the others.)
Actual events in my home pulled from recent facebook posts:
Me: Dude, you’ve got a hair stuck on your nose. Let me get it off.
Moses (covering his nose and ducking): No, mom! It might be my beard starting to grow!
CRASH! I look over to see a heavy rolling desk chair tumbling down the stairs.
“Jacob Christian!! Why on earth did you do that?”
“I wanted to see if I was strong.”
“You are. Now take your strong self to the time out corner. We don’t throw people or things down the stairs.”
Moses and Dan were arguing about whether or not Moses was allowed to play a particular (first person shooter) video game at a neighbor’s house.
Dan said, “I don’t think you should play it because it has some really scary things in it.”
Moses replied, “No, Dad. It’s okay because I SHOOT the scary things.”
I had the boys lined up against the wall and was giving them a severe lecture about the way they have been treating each other the last couple of days.
Me: You have the choice to be best friends or enemies. What do you want to be? Are you going to be best friends and be kind to one another and have fun together? Or are you going to be enemies?
Ben: Mom, you are supposed to love your enemies too!
In an effort to keep the boys from consuming toothpaste, we warned them that the floride in the toothpaste would cause their adult teeth to come in gray if they ate too much (it’s true!). Today, Moses came to me upset because Jacob got mad at him and attacked him with a handful of toothpaste and tried to shove it into his mouth. I give him points for creativity…
Dan had the boys for the morning and watched the 2nd Star Wars with them for the first time. Upon my arriving home –

Moses: Mom, Mom! I have news! Darth Vader is Luke’s father and the empire struck back!

Ben came upstairs while I was nursing and asked for a snack. I sent him down with instructions to find the opened package of saltines in the pantry. When I came down a few minutes later, there were 2 packages of saltines on the table that he had opened (with kitchen shears, of course) and were in crumbs ALL over the dining room. For the next 5 minutes, I wiped/swept up his mess, dumping several loads int the trash can while griping at him whilst he got dressed (they had just finished playing in the sprinkler). All of a sudden, Jake popped out of the TRASH CAN where he had been hiding for 10 minutes. He had cracker crumbs all over him and smelled like… well, garbage! Oh and he peed in the trash can because he couldn’t hold it waiting for me to find him.
Seriously?! I can’t make this stuff up.
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