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It has been awhile since our last update because I have been waiting to give you news about our journey back to the village. Unfortunately, there is very little to tell as far as that goes. The visa situation has worked itself out via a finally-signed bill. (yay!) The airstrip permissions remain as they were, and we are told that we can fly whenever we need to. What we are waiting for this time is having the airstrip cut down enough to safely fly in. Between the rain, the fact that most of the men in the village are working with the oil company outside if the village, and school summer vacation/traveling season, there is only a small group pf people working on cutting the airstrip for us. At last check, they were only about 1/4 of the way done (after 3 weeks of work). We are hoping still for the chance to go out before our scheduled family plans in April, but we are realizing as the days fly by that it might be the end of April before we are able to go. 
Dan and I feel pretty emotionally pummeled through the ups and downs of living in limbo, but I think we are starting to see some good from all of this. Dan is by God-intended-accident, taking a class right now that is specifically looking at what is going on when people in full time ministry have to step out for a while for whatever reason. It has been huge for him as he processes this situation of being benched and realizing that maybe the right question is not “why” but “what for”? In many ways, my own soul wanderings over the past few weeks have led me to the same idea. What is God trying to teach/show/do in us in this period of forced removal from ministry? I am not sure that we really have an answer yet, but at least we seem to be on the right track with the right question.
We are managing to keep busy still. Dan continues doing things all over the missionary community as well as his grad school classes. My book marketing stuff has really just now started, so I have some online and skype interviews coming up and coordinating different reviews and giveaways. I got a little emotional yesterday when the first official book blog review of my book was posted (you can read it here). It was a beautifully written piece and such a gift to me to see God using my book to give someone a craving for more of Him. I’ve actually started (slowly) writing another book. This time it’s the one that everyone wanted me to write in the first place. I am calling it Raising Man-Cubs, and I’m cracking up going over all my old notes about the stunts they’ve pulled.  
Aside from that, we chase our monkeys around all day. Micah is 7 months old today, has a tooth, and is army crawling and sitting up. We put him in the walker two days ago, and within hours he discovered that he could push open the laundry room door (which doesn’t latch) and get into all the wonderful off-limit things in there. I guess he takes after his brothers.
With Love, 
Dalaina for the Mays
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