I got a very long awaited e-mail today. It was from my publisher, Matt, letting me know that Yielded Captive is in print. I finished writing Yielded Captive over a year ago and am still rather flabbergasted that people want to read it. Insane. Anyway, it’s on sale now through the PIONEERS store, though not actually to be released until December 11th. General and e-book release will be in January. Here is a link: Pioneers Web Store Happy Reading!

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2 Responses to What Might be the Most Surreal Day of my Life

  1. Darla Halker says:

    I just read Yeilded Captive – in one afternoon, since I couldn’t put it down once I started. Thank you for writing this wonderful novel. It touches areas I’ve struggled with and encourages my faith in unexpected ways! I pray for your ministry in Peru, and in the world through your writing.

    • Dalaina May says:

      Thanks so much, Darla. To read that is very encouraging because that is truly my desire for Yielded Captive. I hope that God is able to use it to speak to people and bring them a little closer to His heart.

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